Basecamp Resorts - What is Basecamp Resorts Service Quality?

What is Basecamp's service quality? Its employees give their personal experiences on the Basecamp culture. From what they can expect to the hours they have to work, here are some of their thoughts. We asked 11 employees about their experiences working at Basecamp. Read on to learn more about their work and life at the Basecamp resorts. We hope you enjoy reading about the company culture! This article source has 13 questions to ask your prospective employer.
In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling, Basecamp will reimburse the full Reservation Price to the Guest. If Basecamp is unable to replace the requested Accommodation, we will reimburse the full amount of your Reservation, including the Security Deposit. We reserve the right to substitute your accommodation at a location of equal or better quality. If this occurs, you must notify Basecamp of the cancellation. We will contact you immediately to ensure that the cancellation or replacement was made without undue delay.
Your payment is due 72 hours before your arrival. If you do not make full payment within this timeframe, the reservation will be cancelled. Basecamp has the right to modify the Reservation prices or cancel it if payment is not received. If your reservation is already made, Basecamp will not cancel it until you make the final payment. However, we reserve the right to adjust our rates due to government charges or other events. Basecamp Resorts may also reissue your invoice based on the new reservation price if we detect an error in the computation of the Reservation Price.
In certain circumstances, Basecamp may not be responsible for your actions or the actions of others. Therefore, Basecamp is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses you may incur as a result of participating in optional tours, activities, and Additional Services. Further, Basecamp does not assume any liability for accidents, damages, or illnesses you may suffer during your stay. In addition, Basecamp does not cover any injuries or loss caused by the negligence of Service Providers.
Your use of the Basecamp Website and its Additional Services are subject to these Terms. If Basecamp changes them, it will post a notice on the Basecamp Website, notify you by email, and modify the date at the top of the Terms. These changes are effective upon posting and you must stop using the Basecamp Website and its Additional Services until you accept the updated Terms. If you do not agree to these changes, you must cease using the Basecamp Website and close your Basecamp Account.
If you are unhappy with the service or accommodations provided by Basecamp, you may request a full refund of your Reservation. If Basecamp cancels your reservation for any reason, it will refund you the Security Deposit within 5 days. Alternatively, you can request a full refund from Basecamp through the Basecamp Website. Please note that these refunds are not penalties. You should contact Basecamp Customer Service to cancel your reservation. However, you must keep in mind that the cancellation policy does not apply to cancellation due to force majeure. For more information about this, visit:
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